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Third Grade

J.R. Woolson - Third Grade

Years at Sagewood:  11
Years in education:  17
Odd job I've had:  Not sure I have had an odder job than teaching. You get to see many interesting things throughout a year. I have worked many jobs from official, grocery store stocker, tire tech, shoe salesman, country fence builder.
Favorite food:  Sweet and Sour Chicken
Beverage of choice:  Pepsi
Favorite candy:  Twix
On my nightstand:  Alarm Clock, Florida Gators mini helmet, current book I am reading, state championship ring, and during the school year - expo markers and pens.
When not at school, I can often be found at/doing:  With my four daughters and wife, and if I am not with them I can be found in the gym working with my basketball players at Natrona County High School