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Danielle Leeper
Danielle Leeper - Speech-Language Pathologist

Years at Sagewood:  5
Years in education:  8
Odd job I've had:  I worked on a turkey farm when I was 14. We cleaned out the coops and prepared new coops for baby turkeys. It was a very dirty job!
Favorite food:  Nachos, pizza, chocolate
Beverage of choice:  Iced Tea
Favorite candy:  Tootsie Roll Pops and dark chocolate
When not at school, I can often be found at/doing:  Playing with my kids, reading, shopping, or traveling.
Random fact about me:  I love being outdoors! In the summer you can find me at the lake, swimming, biking, golfing (still learning), at the park, having a picnic, taking walks, or even just reading on the patio.