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Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Click on a specific staff member's name or picture below to learn more about them and their role at Sagewood.


Anna Lavin - Principal Anna Lavin, Principal
Marilyn Davidson - Office Manager Marilyn Davidson, Office Manager


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Steve Barrett - Adaptive P.E. Steve Barrett, Adaptive P.E.
Wendi Power - General Music Wendi Power, K-5 General Music


Support and Other Staff

Chris Hashberger - Ed Support Personnel Chris Hashberger, Educational Support
Leia Schuler - Ed Support Personnel Leia Schuler,Educational Support
Kirsten Gorda - Ed Support Personnel Kirsten Gorda, Educational Support
Jessica Wylie - Ed Support Personnel Jessica Wylie, Educational Support/Food Server
Laura Miller - Ed Support Personnel Laura Miller, Educational Support
Juanita Walker - Ed Support Personnel Juanita Walker, Educational Support
Kelly Heenan - Counselor / Social Worker Kelly Heenan, Counselor/Social Worker
Caro Washut - Diagnostician Caro Washut, Diagnostician
Danielle Leeper - Speech Danielle Leeper, Speech
Connie Key - Records Assistant Connie Key, Records Assistant
Maron Barnes - Food Server Maron Barnes, Food Server
Alannah Allen - Educational Support Alannah Allen, Educational Support
Ruth Burns - Nurse Ruth Burns, Nurse
Lindsey Temple - Occupational Therapist Lindsey Temple, Occupational Therapist
Nicki Loghry - Physical Therapist Nicki Loghry, Physical Therapist
Ruth-Ann Atwood - Diagnostician Assistant Ruth-Ann Atwood, Diagnostician Assistant
Erin Werges - Special Education Erin Werges, Special Education
Devin Dickey - Special Education Devin Dickey, Special Education
Cori Williams - Special Education Cori Williams, Special Education
Kelly Rush - Tutor Kelly Rush, Tutor
Lillian Whitte - CWCC Counselor Lillian Whitte, CWCC Counselor


Steve Windsor - Facilities Steve Windsor, Head Custodian
Janeen Avitia - Facilities Janeen Avitia, Assistant Custodian