Established in 1983, Sagewood Elementary serves approximately 320 students in grades K-5 with a staff of approximately 50 teachers, support staff and administration.

Sagewood has a strong tradition of academic, extra- and co-curricular excellence.  Sagewood has outstanding students, highly qualified and dedicated staff members, and a supportive and generous community.  We thank you for your interest in our school, your support in educating our children and for taking the time to learn about the great things happening at Sagewood!

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Sagewood provides an environment where students feel comfortable, safe and accepted.  Open communication between parents, teachers and students encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation.  The school acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of students and staff in learning and leadership.  Sagewood also appreciates and values diversity, self-worth and integrity.

The Sagewood community focuses on increased student achievement with the intent to promote student success and prepare students for the future.  The curriculum promotes intellectual curiosity and creative thinking, while challenging students to reach their full potential.  High levels of achievement are accomplished through measurable academic standards aligned with the major instructional goals.

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